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Concealed Carry Concepts

Saturday, May 23, 2020

8:45am – 6:00pm

In this class you will improve upon the skills that you learned in the Pistol Mechanics workshop to develop additional skills and mindsets that apply to self-defense situations.  Our level 1 Pistol Mechanics course or a similar course is prerequisite.

Some of the differences that you will see in this class compared to the mechanics workshop are the following:

  • Practical use of mechanics such as drawing a pistol from concealment

  • The use of movement through the draw stroke and firing sequence

  • Use of cover before and during the shooting sequence

  • Close quarters shooting

  • Decision Making

  • Legal concepts

You should expect to spend 8 hours and expend approximately 200 rounds of ammunition in this course.  Of course, I would highly recommend you bring at least 250-300 rounds just in case.

Event Location

Ideal Fish & Game Club
Churubusco, IN, 46723

Event Fees

$ 150.00
$ 100.00
  WEATHER POLICY: We shoot rain or shine unless the conditions become unsafe. I will contact each shooter personally and post a cancellation if this occurs. Guns will survive a few hours of rain and so will you. *Does not apply to lectures including Part 1 of Pistol Mechanics. No weather cancellations exists for these.