Testimonials 2016

Mark J.  -Pistol Mechanics 2016

“Kjell is very knowledgeable and helpful to any skill level of gun owner.  This class was a very safe and controlled environment with clear instructions.  I began this class with a limited confidence in handling my gun in a real life situation.  I was able to advance in my training at my personal level of comfort and speed.”

Misti H.  -Pistol Mechanics 2016 & Intro to Concealed Carry 2016

“Kjell and Susan taught my wife and I.  I would absolutely recommend this course.  Kjell emphasized gun safety throughout and was very professional.  As a beginner, I could not ask for a more patient teacher and thorough class.  They were also able to tell me what I should work on when the class ended to continue learning… recommend without reservations.”

Ash S.  -Pistol Mechanics 2016

“Whether its safety, comfort, or technique- you will not be disappointed.  I can’t say enough positive things about Kjell and Susan’s firearm class.  Kjell and Susan are both great instructors.  They are both very knowledgeable and easily tailor techniques based on each person’s learning style, strengths, and weaknesses.  The information presented in class was very practical and the class was well put together.  It was very apparent that safety is a top priority and I felt very comfortable from start to finish.  I look forward to future opportunities.”

Joan H. -Pistol Mechanics 2016

“This is a wonderful place for any gun owner to improve your skill level.  Kjell is a very perceptive instructor and was full of insight and tips for proficient pistol use.  His class was very professional, but also fun and casual.  Environment felt very safe, and I left feeling much more confident.  Definitely recommended.”

Ryan H.  -Pistol Mechanics 2016

“Being an absolute novice with firearms, I was nervous about what to expect.  Having work with Kjell in a different setting, I had absolute faith that I would receive safe,high quality training. He and his wife, did not disappoint.  Very glad I went.”

Kelly S.  -Pistol Mechanics 2016