Testimonials 2020

“I have taken numerous courses from CRR. I have even repeated several of them not only for my own education and proficiency but also because up to date information is always being added. The courses at CRR are always packed with information and opportunity to develop skills, knowledge, and mindset necessary for being a gun owner and concealed carrier. I recommend any of their courses without hesitation. Very skilled instructors who focus on safety as well as individual development.” Ray T.

I learned all that a beginner should know and felt much more confident and at ease when handling a gun. Personal and community safety is stressed throughout the course in a helpful way. I would encourage this class for anyone wanting to learn the basics.” -Dave D.

“I have taken several CRR courses. I have enjoyed each one. The instruction is laid out in a friendly and easy to retain manner. The instructors are very helpful and create a safe learning environment. It is important to feel comfortable owning and handling your pistol, these classes will get you there.” -Vicki H.

“Took the Pistol Mechanics Level 1 Course on 4/25/20. I was looking for a course to help me get back into pistol shooting and concealed carry. This course was awesome! I highly recommend it. The staff was very knowledgeable and highly experienced. I have already signed up for a second course with them and expect to do more.” -Chris C
“Took the Pistol mechanics class. Great class to learn principles of hand gun usage. Lots of emphasis on safety. Plenty of practical learning with personal attention. Kjell and his team are highly experienced and are committed to teaching. Totally worth the time. Definitely recommend CRR.” -Sunil R.
“I have taken several of these courses and they are all great. There is always something to learn. The instructors are absolutely great, very knowledgeable and experienced.” -Mark J.
“I recommend this team for the coverage they give to the students and the price is well below competitors. This is a great team. Im glad I brought all my family and friends for the level 1 class. Now Im ready for level 2.” -Mike P.
“Kjell and Susan are excellent instructors even with a group of old farts who thought we knew something about firearms. I learned a lot from them and hope to take additional training in the future.” -Steve Y.
“I spend my Saturday with Kjell, James, Susan, my wife, and my son at Pistol Mechanics class. It was a wonderful experience. They kept it fun and helped everyone stay safe with a lot of time on and off the range. They taught us basic principles and focused on core habits that have already improved my accuracy, response time, and follow through. I look forward to learning more with them in the future.” -Gordon M.
“Took the basic pistol class with my two older kiddos. Informational and tons of fun! Would definitely recommend.” Matt P.
“Great class and instructors! So much so that I’m recruiting others for it!” -Jeff L.
“Awesome Class! Highly recommended” -Sara L.