Pistol Mechanics Plus

Pistol Mechanics is our flagship course.  It is a compilation and condensation of everything that we, as instructors, have learned concerning the fundamentals of shooting. We start the day off with an interactive presentation on safety and then move quickly into understanding the foundations of shooting. It is highly recommended that you take advantage of the paper outline we provide as well as begin a personal training notebook to record your learning process. We cover a great deal of information and your notebook use can increase your capacity to retain that information.

The purpose of this class is to provide you with a foundation so that you can safely, effectively, and efficiently practice on your own. With this class under your belt you will be ready to take other courses that focus more on using those skills in a practical context. Training with firearms can be very expensive and our goal is to make that cost an investment. If you apply the principles presented in this course, you won’t just shoot your hard-earned paycheck downrange but will improve the practical skills that you may need in a defensive situation.

The “Plus” portion of this course includes the additional material required by the state of Ohio to apply for your concealed carry license. This portion of the course is taught previously to your Pistol Mechanics Course.