Tier 3 Defensive Pistol Skills

Tier 3 Defensive Pistol Skills is an advanced level course that follows on the heals of and expounds on our Tier 2 Defensive Pistol Skills course. Our focus for this fun day of shooting is to improve the skills you’ve already got, while adding a few new skills to your repertoire.  This includes shooting from and around vehicles, active shooter mitigation concepts and more. We will integrate emergency first aid and decision making with visual cues with your scenario based class. You will be doing lots of moving and shooting as you learn, so you’ll want to be ready with appropriate clothing and ammo.  As with level 2 classes, you will be expected to have at least 3 magazines and something to conceal your firearm.  The expected minimum round count is 350 rounds, but we recommend you bring at least 500.

The cost of basic tuition for this course is currently: $225