First Aid

Personal First Aid Kit/Range First Aid Gear:

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First aid kit recommendations:

  1. Tourniquet(s):  we recommend the CAT or the SOF T options as they have the best ability to stop arterial flow of commonly available tourniquets.
  2. Pressure or compression dressing: ACE, rubber, or gauze wrap to secure a compress to stop venous bleeding.
  3. Compress: Gauze with or without clotting agent to be used with a pressure dressing.
  4. Trauma Shears: Large blunt point scissors to expose wounded areas for treatment.
  5. Chest Seals: Apply to sucking chest wound to prevent tension pneumothorax.
  6. Skin stapler: to create temporary closure of skin
  7. Duct tape: can be used to secure dressings etc
  8. Nitrile gloves in your size or larger: to prevent biocontamination
  9. Bandaids, mole skin, other small dressing items for minor cuts, bruises, and blisters
  10. Tweezers
  11. Needle drivers or clamps
  12. Black permanent marker
  13. Emergency whistle


  1. Triple antibiotic ointment
  2. Burn cream
  3. Epinephrine pen or injector
  4. Glucose tabs
  5. Injectable clotting agents
  6. Gauze impregnated with clotting agents

**Advanced options:

  1. AED
  2. Airway management tools such as oral airways, nasopharyngeal airways, laryngeal masks, endotracheal tubes etc.
  3. Thoracostomy needle: to treat tension pneumothorax.

** recommended for those with formal training only