Defensive Pistol Mechanics

Our flagship course is a compilation and condensation of everything that we have learned concerning the fundamentals of shooting!  We start the day off with an interactive presentation on safety and then move quickly into understanding the foundations of shooting.  It is highly recommended that you take advantage of the outline we provide as well as begin a personal training notebook to record your learning process.  We cover a great deal of information and your notebook use can increase your capacity to retain that information.

The distilled purpose of this class is to provide you with a foundation of performance shooting skills you will need to safely and effectively defend yourself with a firearm.  With this class under your belt you will be ready to take other courses that focus more on advanced techniques and tactics from us or other top instructors. Training with firearms can be very expensive and our goal is to make that cost an investment.  If you apply the principles of this course you won’t just shoot your hard earned paycheck downrange, but improve the practical skills that you may need in a defensive situation.

Check out our page entitled “What to bring with me to (any) class” to help you gear up for this course!  Current round count is approximately 130 rounds.  I strongly recommend you bring at least 150 rounds to this course.  Several students use as many as 150 rounds.

Tuition also includes at home learning modules covering many important aspects of shooting!

For your convenience, I have divided the course into two sections:

Part 1 will take place in a classroom.  It will include safety, technique, and conceptual instruction.  You will not need live ammunition for this portion.  You must take Part 1 to be eligible for part 2.  Part 1 satisfies the prerequisite for our Rifle and Shotgun courses.

Part 2 will take place on the Range.  We will put your new skills into action and learn additional techniques!

Parts 1 and 2 may be taken separately, but are conveniently taught back to back which is how most students choose to take the course. The combined total cost of basic tuition for this course is currently: $175 or $150/person for group rates or retake the course with an alumni discount of $50!