Testimonials 2018

“I have had no training whatsoever and was with an experienced Army Ranger–We both thought it was safety first instruction that helped us identify strengths and weaknesses in our form, mind and execution.” -Chad M, Pistol Mechanics

” I wouldn’t say my ability has totally changed because of it, but I walked away from the class with concepts and thinking about defending my own house that I didn’t have before.” -Brian R, Carry Concepts

“I would say I learned more than just a little…. I did feel that the pointers given by Kjell provided a vast improvement on my skills and helped me to hone in on some minor mistakes. Overall the class was great and perfect for beginners and a good way to sharpen skills even for experienced shooters.” -Paul L, Pistol Mechanics

“It was a wonderful and very instructional course emphasizing safety when handling firearms. All aspects of when and how to draw, aim, and shoot were well covered and gave me confidence in mastering my handgun. I want all my boys to go through this course.” -Dave D., Pistol Mechanics

“[The instuctors] are always helpful, courteous, non-confrontational, and instructive. I learned the importance of corners and slicing the pie.” -Ray T, Lowlight Concepts

Kjell and Susan were excellent- patient, informative, constructive in suggestions. -Tony C, Intro to Concealed Carry