Links and Useful Contacts

These are a collection of businesses and organizations that I have found helpful in my training.

Gear & Services:

AMF Defense

Blade Rigs Holsters and Sheaths

Bowie Tactical Concepts (Gunsmithing)

Berne Adder System Clothing

Bobcat Targets

Hiding Hilda (Women’s concealed carry gear)

Zulu Bravo Kydex


Active Self Protection

Lee Brother’s MMA

Lockout Jujustsu

Massad Ayoob

Northern Red

Rangemaster (Tom Givens)

Tactical Defense Institute, Ohio

Miscellaneous Legal Stuff:

Gun laws

Electronic License to Carry application

Indiana Self-defense code

Carry permit reciprocity Map

Knife Laws in the USA


Indiana Gun Owners Forum

Disclaimer:  CRR is not directly associated with all organizations or business listed