Reading List

These are some books that we have found useful in terms of practical skills and/or mental preparedness.

  1. 30-10 Pistol Training by Chris Graham, USMC
  2. Cornered Cat: A Woman’s guide to Concealed Carry by Kathy Jackson
  3. Deadly Force by Massad Ayoob
  4. Fighting Smarter by Tom Givens
  5. How to Be Your Own Bodyguard by Nate Hughes
  6. Self Defense: What it costs.  When its worth it by Marc MacYoung
  7. Left of Bang by Patrick Van Horne et al
  8. Meditations on Violence by Sgt Rory Miller
  9. On Killing by Dave Grossman, Lt Col US Army, retired
  10. On Combat by Dave Grossman, Lt Col US Army, retired
  11. Principles of Personal Defense by Jeff CooperTraveler’s Guide to the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States by Scott Kappas

My published articles:

  1. Alarm Fatigue in Situational Awareness