Instructor Bios

Kjell Rosenberg is an amateur shooter with several years of competition and tactical training.  Competition experience includes IDPA, USPSA, IN Multi-gun, Allen County Defensive Pistol League, and NRA Highpower Rifle matches.  He has trained under the instruction of Tactical Defense Institute of Ohio primarily, but has taken courses with a variety of other instructors and professional competitors such as Tom Givens, Manny Bragg, Massad Ayoob, Northern Red, and Rob Pincus/ICE.  After teaching friends and family for a few years he decided to make his courses available to more people and formed Condition Red Response LLC to do it.  Although CRR is a for-profit business, his goal is to minimize the cost to the student in an effort to help as many people become safe and proficient with their firearms as possible.  He holds firearm instructor credentials from Rangemaster and the NRA.

Susan Rosenberg is also an amateur shooter with very similar experience as Kjell.  She has been training and competing for several years and is also a Rangemaster certified instructor and NRA certified Basic Pistol instructor.  She has taken courses including but not limited to classes with Tom Givens, TDI, Massad Ayoob, Northern Red, and Manny Bragg.  She brings a woman’s viewpoint on firearm selection and concealed carry.  Her years of experience are a valuable asset to Condition Red Response as is her teaching background.  Her specialty is recognizing the individual learning styles of students and helping to shape the instruction to fit each student’s particular needs.  Like all CRR instructors, Susan has experience in other forms of martial arts and she uses knowledge of those arts to compliment her training methods in firearms.

Chris Cuney comes to us with a strong competition background in Bull’s Eye Pistol, IPSC, IN Multi-gun, and long range rifle matches.  Chris has been competing in Bull’s Eye Pistol Matches for the better part of 2 decades and with more than 50,ooo rounds downrange in Bull’s eye competition, he is an expert on all things accuracy.  Chris has also trained with tactical instructors both locally and across the country.  He is currently training with local law enforcement departments monthly.  Chris has extensive martial arts experience in Shuri-Ryu and Judo which helps with understanding the place of firearms in a defensive situation.

James Bennett joined us in 2019 having completed the Rangemaster Instructor course with Tom Givens.  He has also trained with Condition Red Response extensively.  James has an significant martial arts background including Boxing, Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun, Muay Thai, and Silat Kali.  He brings a well rounded combative experience to CRR as well as a dedication to teaching students.