Course Library

We currently offer three different courses at Condition Red Response.  Each course has a different flavor and function.  We provide an instructor:student ratio of at least 1:4 to make sure each student has the attention they deserve!


NRA courses:

NRA Basic pistol Phase 2This is the practical portion of the NRA Basic Pistol Course which are you are eligible to take after completing the NRA sponsored online Phase 1.  Phase 1 consists of a review of the online portion and practical skills such as cleaning, aiming, and shooting various types of handguns ranging from single action revolvers to semi-automatic firearms.  The NRA course takes about 100* rounds to complete.

CRR courses:

Level 1:  Handgun safety:  Handgun safety is the first part of Pistol Mechanics taken alone.  We can tailor this course to only safety issue or teach it as Pistol Mechanics Part 1 depending on your needs.  This class is taught upon request only and can last from 2-3 hours depending on the material you wish to include.

Level 1: Pistol Mechanics: This course is the Condition Red Response proprietary entry level class for semi-automatic handgun use.  We cover firearm safety and then move straight into understanding the way a semi-automatic handgun functions.  The principles of shooting are covered from the ground up.  When you complete this course you will be ready to practice on your own safely and effectively.  The total time needed to complete this course is approximately 7 hours and typically requires about 150* rounds of ammunition.  For your convenience, we offer it in two parts which can be taken separately or in the same day depending on your schedule!

Level 2:  Concealed Carry Concepts  Our proprietary second level class picks up with a quick review of shooting principles and then goes into more advanced mechanics such as clearing cover garments and moving while shooting. This course lasts approximately 8 hours and typically requires between 200-300* rounds of ammunition.  Successful completion of Pistol Mechanics is a pre-requisite.

Level 2:  Skills Lab  This course is parallel to Our concealed carry course but focusses more on alternate shooting positions, individualizing grips, stances, and other mechanics.  There is very little overlap between the two classes and but we do focus on improving speed and accuracy in both courses.  Minimum expected round count is 200.  Some students have used as many as 300 rounds.

Level 3:  Principles of Advanced Movement:  This third level course focuses on movement inside structures, around walls or barriers, and entering doors.  It builds on previously taught movement skills and seeks to increase the level of decision making capability of the student. Expected Round count is 300-350 rounds

Level 3:  Tier 3 Mechanics: This third level course adds new skills and refines the ones we’ve already taught you!  Course includes shooting from and around vehicles and low light shooting. Lots of shooting in this course with an estimated minimum rounds count of 350* rounds.  Some students have used as many as 350 rounds. Successful completion of Intro to Concealed Carry is a pre-requisite.

RIFLE:  Future Offering.  Not currently being taught

Level 1:  Rifle Mechanics:  Learn basic firearm safety, how to get “zeroes” on your rifle, and rifle shooting positions in this comprehensive beginner’s course!

Level 2:  Practical Carbine:  Pre-requisites include “Intro to Concealed Carry” and basic knowledge of your semi-automatic rifle.  The course content will include moving and shooting, changing shooting positions, and much more.

Upon request:

Private lessons are available to those who have completed Pistol Mechanics.  Pricing varies depending on location and subject matter.  Contact us for your quote.

For the students looking for a more complete entry level course, we will combine the NRA phase 2 basic pistol course with our own Pistol Mechanics course.  Expect to spend a full day if you choose to do the combined class.

*I always recommend bringing 50-100 rounds more than you think you might need.


We shoot rain or shine unless the conditions become unsafe.  I will contact each shooter personally and post a cancellation if this occurs. Guns will survive a few hours of rain and so will you.