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We currently schedule 6 different pistol courses, a rifle course, and a shotgun course at Condition Red Response.  Each course has a different flavor and function.  The content is continually being changed and improved to incorporate new technology, innovative but proven techniques and more. We do not create material to teach.  Every concept that we teach has been vetted and proven by experts and taught to us so that we can pass the knowledge to you.

We provide an instructor:student ratio of at least 1:4, usually 1:2 and sometimes 1:1 depending on the drill.  We do this to make sure each student has the attention they deserve!

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CRR courses:

Level 1:  Handgun safety:  Handgun safety is the first part of Pistol Mechanics taken alone.  We can tailor this course to only safety issues or teach it as Pistol Mechanics Part 1 depending on your needs.  This class is taught upon request only and can last from 2-3 hours depending on the material you wish to include.

Level 1: Pistol Mechanics: This course is the Condition Red Response proprietary entry level class for semi-automatic handgun use.  We cover firearm safety and then move straight into understanding the way a semi-automatic handgun functions.  The principles of shooting are covered from the ground up.  When you complete this course you will be ready to practice on your own safely and effectively.  The total time needed to complete this course is approximately 8 hours and typically requires about 100 rounds of ammunition.  For your convenience, we offer it in two parts which can be taken separately or in the same day depending on your schedule!

Level 2:  Concealed Carry Concepts  Our proprietary second level class picks up with a quick review of shooting principles and then goes into more advanced mechanics such as clearing cover garments and moving while shooting. We also do an overview of moral and legal concerns in regard to the use of deadly force.  This course lasts approximately 8 hours and typically requires between 200-300* rounds of ammunition.  Successful completion of Pistol Mechanics is a pre-requisite.

Level 2:  Defensive Pistol Skills  This course is parallel to our concealed carry course but focusses more on alternate shooting positions, individualizing grips, stances, and other mechanics.  Drills and instruction represent practical situations that a concealed carrier might find themselves in when they are out and about.  Concepts related to countering an active shooter are also incorporated into this course.  There is very little overlap in level 2 classes and but we do focus on improving speed and accuracy in both courses.  Minimum expected round count is 200.  Some students have used as many as 300 rounds.

Level 3:  Advanced Concealed Carry  This class is the second day of our “Concealed Carry Concepts” course.  It features additional close quarters fighting techniques, weapon retention and less lethal use of force options.  Successful completion of Concealed Carry Concepts is a pre-requisite.

Level 3:  Tier 3 Defensive Pistol Skills: This third level course adds new skills and refines the ones we’ve already taught you!  Course includes shooting from inside and around vehicles and more. There’s lots of shooting in this course with an estimated minimum rounds count of 300* rounds.  Some students have used as many as 350 rounds.  Successful completion of Skills Lab and Concealed Carry Concepts is a pre-requisite.

Level 4:  Principles of Advanced Movement:  Our single level 4 course focuses on movement inside structures, around walls or barriers, and entering doors.  It builds on previously taught movement skills and seeks to increase the level of decision making capability of the student. Expected Round count is 300-350 rounds.  It is a 2-day course offered in combination with our Low-light/No-light program.  All 5 previous classes are required as pre-requisites and this class registration is by invitation only.

Long Guns:

Level 2:  Defensive Carbine Skills:  This class will focus on the AR pattern rifle or other common modern defensive rifle.  Prerequisite: Pistol Mechanics lecture or *equivalent course.  This course will help you get your rifle on target at defensive distances, become proficient with rifle mechanics, learn skills related to defensive rifle use, and movement with a rifle.

Level 2:  Defensive Shotgun Skills:  Defensive shotgun focuses on using a shotgun for home defense.  Prerequisite:  *Pistol Mechanics leacture or equivalent course.  This course will get you started using a shotgun for self-defense by introducing you to techniques and concepts that separate defensive shotgun use from hunting or sporting uses.  Mechanics, patterning of defensive loads, and going from unloaded to on target quickly and efficiently are just some of the skills that are taught in this course.  If you are considering a shotgun for home defense and have not had training before, this is the class for you!

*We use the Pistol Mechanics lecture as a pre-requisite to the long gun classes because we cover safety, responsibilities of the gun owner, and other relevant topics in the Pistol Mechanics classroom portion.  This allows us to dedicate more time to the actual use of long guns in those courses since we are typically limited in time.  Pistol Mechanics classroom is $50 but why not stay for the whole day and learn to use your handgun more effectively?  To sign up for just the lecture portion of a pistol mechanics class, simply register for class and respond to our welcome email:  “I am only taking the classroom portion of Pistol Mechanics”  There will be a fee option of $50 for PM classroom only.

Upon request:

Private lessons and custom courses are available to those who have completed Pistol Mechanics.  Pricing varies depending on location and subject matter.  Contact us for your quote.

We can teach the NRA basic pistol as well as several of the USCCA courses if the student desires.  We integrate the best of these programs into our own instruction, but we can provide the specific course as needed.


We shoot rain or shine unless the conditions become unsafe.  I will contact each shooter personally and post a cancellation if this occurs. Guns will survive a few hours of rain and so will you.