Tuition and Fees

Price List:

All Condition Red Response tuition packages require tuition to be paid within one week of registration.  The fee is refundable only by referring a student that fills your slot.

Handgun Safety ( Pistol Mechanics part1)

  1.  Pistol Mechanics (ie firearm safety and non-live fire use) Part 1 Basic Tuition: $50

If you go on to take Part 2 of Pistol Mechanics, you will receive credit for your Part 1 Tuition


  1. Pistol Mechanics Basic Tuition: $125
  2. Pistol Mechanics Plus Basic Tuition $150
  3. Referral Tuition: $25 discount for each member of the referral package.  (Qualifying “referrals” are students not already enrolled in or on my contact list as interested persons.  In other words, you get a discount for bringing someone that would not otherwise be enrolled—if there is a question about eligibility, please ask me.)
  4. School Worker tuition discounts:  ask about our programs if you work in a home school, public school, or private school on a regular basis for grades k-12.  See our Facebook page for special offers.

Concealed Carry Concepts (level 2):

  1.  Basic Tuition: $150

Skills Lab (level 2):

  1.  Basic Tuition: $150

Principles of Advanced Movement (level 3):

  1.  Basic Tuition: $175

Tier 3 Mechanics (level 3):

  1. Basic Tuition: $175

Advanced Concealed Carry (level 3):

  1. Basic tuition: $175

NRA courses:

1.  NRA Basic Pistol course $150 Includes the self-study online module, the instructor led module, and certificate upon completion.  Referral Discount of $10 also available.

Coming Soon: USCCA courses!