Testimonials 2017

“I had no experience or knowledge before class & was very nervous.  The instructors were very helpful & constructive & instructional–this helped me learn and feel more comfortable by class end.”

Susan W. -Pistol Mechanics 2017

“Great class for individuals with any experience levels.  Kjell took time to answer any questions.”

Anna B. -Pistol Mechanics 2017

“Great course.  Informative, and felt comfortable for a new shooter.”

Kerrick M.  -Pistol Mechanics 2017

“Good information presented in a concise and intelligent fashion.”

John B. -Pistol Mechanics 2017

“Very pleased with the knowledge learned throughout this course.  My comfort level increased, my skill has improved, and I will definitely be signing for level 2!”

Chenea W. -Pistol Mechanics 2017

“Worth every penny!  Great class.”

Blair S. -Pistol Mechanics 2017

“Presentation on and off the range was very fluid and professional”

Michael M. -Pistol Mechanics 2017

“Everything was great!  Thank you for your encouragement, safety, and patience.”

Laura Z. -Pistol Mechanics 2017

“Excellent course, feel much more comfortable with handgun safety and mechanics.”

Lindsay R.  -Pistol Mechanics 2017

“Overall, very good experience for a novice.  Very professional.”

Tahira S.  -Pistol Mechanics 2017

“A lot of fun & informative.  I feel like the skills I learned were effective and practical.”

James B.  -Pistol Mechanics 2017


David S.  -Pistol Mechanics 2017

“Well constructed class, excellent personalized instruction.”

Ray T.  -Pistol Mechanics 2017

“Whether you are a beginner or an expert marksman, this class has something for everyone.  It covers equipment, techniques, tactical movements, and above all firearm safety.  This is a fun informative course that allows you to develop or hone your pistol skills.”