Basic Handgun Safety

Don’t want to spend hours learning the parts of historic pistols in you beginning handgun course? Want to get right into the important concepts of treating a firearm with the respect it requires for safe handling? Basic Handgun Safety is designed for folks who have never handled firearms before and may be a bit nervous about it.  We will introduce you to firearm safety concepts that make sense and will prevent accidental injury. Other topics discussed: How to prevent unintended injury, safe home storage options, and responsible firearm ownership. We will provide pistols and ammunition for those interested to shoot some live .22LR rounds at the end of class.

If you decide to take Defensive Pistol Mechanics afterwards, we will give you a $50 discount toward tuition in addition to any other discount you qualify for.

This class satisfies our prerequisite requirement for our Defensive Carbine and Defensive Shotgun courses

Current cost is $100 or $75/person group rate,