Evaluation Form

Condition Red Response Evaluation form/After Action Review

Name:                                                Date:

Please list any previous professional training or instructors you’ve had:

If you have taken professional training outside of CRR was the material taught congruent with your past experience?

Did you refer to our website, Facebook, or ask us directly for any additional information beforehand?

Was the pre-class information sufficient to prepare you for the CRR?  If not, what would you have liked to have known beforehand?

Did you feel safe at CRR? Why or why not?

Was the training length appropriate for the material?  Too long? Too short?

Was the material appropriate for the “level” of the training?

Did you bring a notebook? If so, did you use it?  Why or why not?

Did you have enough time to write everything down that you wanted to write?

If you had a break, was the break time sufficient or too long?

Was there too much or not enough time given to instruction/talking?  Indoor/outdoor?

Was there enough time on task? Enough shooting or actively participating?

I expected to learn (please circle): 1. Nothing. I’m here with a friend 2. A little. I’m experienced but never had formal training. 3. A lot. I’m brand new to this.

I actually learned (please circle): 1. Nothing. 2. A little. There were a few new concepts that I more fully understand now. 3. A lot. my ability or perception has totally changed

Please expand on any answers that require further discussion:

Instructor review:

Did the instructors emphasize and explain safety sufficiently?

Were the instructors knowledgeable?

Were the instructors polite?

Did the instructors answer any questions you had?

Were the answers to your questions satisfactory?

Did you have an exceptionally positive or negative experience with one of the instructors?  

If so, would you describe the encounter?

Future actions:

Can you list at least one skill that you learned or was improved by training with CRR?

What changes, if any, will you make in your practicing/carry as a result of training with CRR?

What skills would you still like to learn in a training format?

What questions did you have that either were not answered or have developed since you have had a chance to reflect on what you have learned?