Testimonials 2019

“I attended a CRR course last summer and found it to be one of the better training events I have attended. I tried their class on the advice of a friend, and drove a long way to attend it. I was not disappointed. I am a self-defense instructor, a former military small arms trainer, and a training junkie who has attended training by leading trainers in the midwest. CRR is right up there in their quality of training. They focus on safety during the training but strive for realism. I would recommend them to any friend or family member, and wish I lived closer so I could attend more of their training events. I like that they constantly attend training themselves and bring in any new ideas they bring from the classes they attend. They also host some other great instructors such as Greg Ellifritz, which shows me they realize they are as much students as instructors. I highly recommend them and will attend their classes in the future.”

-Kevin M Concealed Carry Concepts

“I have to admit that I was not looking forward to the class due to my previous fear of guns (due to a lack of knowledge). However, after your help with finding the right gun and taking the class, I am excited to start going to the shooting range to practice my skills. Thank you. I also want to give a shoot out to James for giving me both positive and negative feedback. It helps to know when you are in an uncomfortable situation. He made me feel more confident in what I was doing.”

-Jennifer M Pistol Mechanics

“Kjell and Susan, I can’t thank you enough for your time and professionalism in teaching the class Saturday. It was a great day. Both Marianne and I feel so much more comfortable with the concept of carrying a firearm for our protection and that of others. Thank you. Your passion and dedication is so visible. We look forward to the next class with you.”

-Chris S. Pistol Mechanics

“Hands down the best training I’ve ever been to. These instructors really know what they are talking about and are very down to earth. I will be returning without a doubt. I really feel like I way under-payed for my class.”

-Andy K Advanced Movement/ Lowlight-Nolight

“I attended an advanced course from CRR earlier this month and was absolutely blown away with the amount of knowledge I walked away with. The techniques and concepts they taught allowed me to apply the skills I’d been honing for other aspects of shooting and see what was effective in more realistic scenarios and what wasn’t. The team was both professional and adaptive to shooter skillset, able to help each student at a slightly different skill level, and to the weather which refused to behave. The CRR crew altered the plan slightly, and maintained the high level of skill building and focus, allowing us to get the same amount of return off the slightly modified course vs. the original plan. All in all, I give CRR 5 out of 5, and plan to return for more training, as well as sending my wife to them for some introductory training.”

-Andrew W. Advanced Movement/Lowlight-Nolight

“Excellent Instruction on firearm safety from beginner through advanced. They work one on one with classroom work or gun control if needed. Easy to talk to and down to earth instructors that love helping the beginner though master levels.”

-Ginnie B Pistol Mechanics

“Excellent class for beginners who have never held a gun before! Very informative instructors and extremely detailed on gun safety. Definitely recommended!!”

-Parmeet M. Pistol Mechanics

“I attended the basic pistol mechanics class today and learned a lot about proper safety and handling of weapons today there is still a lot I have to practice and work on to better myself but I definitely recommend this class for anyone wanting to learn proper safe use, handling, and responsibility of weapons.”

-Kevin H. Pistol Mechanics

“Condition Red Response Pistol Mechanics is a must if you have a gun or you are thinking of getting one!!! The safety, technique, and practice knowledge taught is INVALUABLE!!! The instructors are very knowledgeable, helpful, easy to learn from and talk to. They kept us safe the entire time!!”

-Jeni T. Pistol Mechanics.

“I highly recommend taking their courses. Very informative.”

-Kim B. Pistol Mechanics.