Vigilant by Nature, Prepared by Choice

One of the questions I regularly field is this; “how do I keep my gun accessible but be responsible with it as well. That’s a difficult question and the answer is that every thing that makes it more accessible decreases how secure the firearm is. So a balance must be struck based on risk/benefit ratios.

Questions that need to be answered right away are things like: Do I have small children or adults that are uneducated or have poor decision making abilities that could reach an unsecured firearm? If I left my firearm in this location and left my house without it, would it be readily available for theft?

There are many small safes with touch button locking devices that can be subtly placed near your bed, in a bedside table, etc. These simple devices are great for preventing small children from inadvertently accessing a firearm but they will do little to dissuade a thief. What are your goals? Can you use a small bedside one at night and then carry the gun on your person during the day? If your home defense tool is a long Gun such as a shotgun, perhaps it can be locked in a more secure location as part of your morning routine.

Your options will depend on what your lifestyle is. But think through the likely and unthinkable scenarios to come up with a balance of speed and safety that works for you. Be responsible. Be smart. Be vigilant and prepared.

Copywrite Kjell Rosenberg 02/2020

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