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Structure Clearing for Armed Citizens With Greg Ellifritz

Saturday, Nov 4, 2023 – Sunday, Nov 5, 2023

9:00am – 5:00pm

This class will prepare students to capably search/clear both commercial structures and residential houses. Solo clearing and partner tactics will be covered.

The class will start with covering best practices for shooting behind cover/concealment and progress to safely going around corners. We will then cover room entries from center-fed and corner-fed doors, clearing up and down stairways, and confined space clearing tactics.

The class will provide instruction on slow solo building clearance (as if searching your house for a criminal) and rapid clearance (moving quickly to respond to an active killer attack in a commercial building). We will show how the difference in tactics between clearing with a handgun and clearing with a long gun. Proper flashlight techniques will be practiced. Once individual proficiency is obtained we will teach how to clear a structure as a two person partner team.

This class contains no live fire. It will be taught with SIRT pistols, blue gun replicas, and airsoft weapons. Students will engage in exercises against hidden attackers armed with airsoft weapons. Every student should expect to be hit with a few airsoft pellets from gas operated soft air guns.

The instructors will provide all necessary equipment, but students can use their own gear if they prefer. An equipment list for the class is as follows:

– Replica Gun (Red or Blue gun)/SIRT pistol and holster
-Matching gas operated airsoft pistol
-Airsoft long gun
– Airsoft pellets and gas
– Helmet/Face shield
– Eye protection
-Sweatshirt, neck and groin protection
-Thin gloves
– Handheld flashlight

All students should bring protective clothing, gloves, handheld flashlight, and eye protection. All other equipment will be provided by the instructors if the student does not own those items.

Event Location

Private Indoor facility
Fort Wayne, IN, 46825

Event Fees

$ 500.00
WEATHER POLICY: We shoot rain or shine unless the conditions become unsafe. I will contact each shooter personally and post a cancellation if this occurs. Guns will survive a few hours of rain and so will you. *Does not apply to lectures including Part 1 of Pistol Mechanics. No weather cancellations exists for these.