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Defensive Shotgun Skills

Saturday, Oct 21, 2023

9:00am – 6:00pm

Defensive Shotgun skills focuses on using a shotgun in the defensive, particularly home defense, context. This course will better enable you to use one of the most effective home defense tools to its potential.

How to operate a pump or same-auto shotgun
How to load the shotgun quickly
How to choose and pattern ammunition for defensive purposes

And the thing everyone wants to know:
How to manage recoil so that you can use one without destroying your shoulder!

Required Major Equipment:
Functional, reliable, shotgun. We recommend pump or semi-auto shotguns of 22″ and under for this course but you can use any shotgun. We recommend having a length of pull of 12-13inches for tactical shotguns unless you are tall in which case up to 13-14″ will be fine.
Shotgun case/bag
A side saddle, Butt cuff, belt loaders or a belt bag such as a magazine dump pouch or sportsman’s caddy or something to hold additional ammunition in that is carried on your person or the firearm. Pleas ask before purchase as some side saddles require screws that can affect the function.

Estimated round count:
Birdshot 100. Recommended: 125
Defensive Buckshot (the good stuff) 5 rounds, recommended: 10
(Additional Buckshot 5 rounds)
Slugs: 5 rounds

Event Location

Private Range
Columbia City, IN, 46725

Event Fees

$ 200.00
$ 150.00
WEATHER POLICY: We shoot rain or shine unless the conditions become unsafe. I will contact each shooter personally and post a cancellation if this occurs. Guns will survive a few hours of rain and so will you. *Does not apply to lectures including Part 1 of Pistol Mechanics. No weather cancellations exists for these.