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Defensive Shotgun Skills

Saturday, Sep 10, 2022

9:00am – 6:00pm

Defensive Shotgun skills focuses on using a shotgun in the defensive, particularly home defense, context. This course will better enable you to use one of the most effective home defense tools to its potential.

How to operate a pump or same-auto shotgun
How to load the shotgun quickly
How to choose and pattern ammunition for defensive purposes

And the thing everyone wants to know:
How to manage recoil so that you can use one without destroying your shoulder!

Required Major Equipment:
Functional, reliable, shotgun. We recommend pump or semi-auto shotguns of 22″ and under for this course but you can use any shotgun. We recommend having a length of pull of 12″ or less for tactical shotguns unless you are tall in which case up to 13″ will be fine.
Shotgun case/bag
A side saddle, belt bag, or something to hold additional ammunition in that is carried on your person or the firearm.

Estimated round count:
Birdshot 125
Buckshot 25
Defensive Buckshot 10
Slugs 5

Event Location

Private Range
Columbia City, Indiana, 46725

Event Fees

$ 175.00
WEATHER POLICY: We shoot rain or shine unless the conditions become unsafe. I will contact each shooter personally and post a cancellation if this occurs. Guns will survive a few hours of rain and so will you. *Does not apply to lectures including Part 1 of Pistol Mechanics. No weather cancellations exists for these.